In 1990, Lee Ray Davis ventured off to start his own company and decided to call it Dynamic Screen Printing. With a 256 sq. ft. workshop he managed to fit in a t-shirt press, a small dryer and a hand-pull table for signs and decals.  In 1991 the company moved to what seemed like a giant 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse and slowly started adding equipment, moving forward with signs and decals among other substrates.

Today Dynamic enjoys their 7,500 sq. ft. facility which is efficiently organized to accommodate customers needs. They are continuously striving to upgrade equipment and production techniques to take advantage of the latest technology.



Founder & President

Lee Ray Davis, president and founder of Dynamic Screen Printing, started screen printing in 1978 at his brother’s trophy shop producing logos on plaques and trophy plates.  In 1980 they began producing political posters and soon became one of the largest and most sought after printers in the state of Texas.  

Matt Hello.png

Sales Manager

A recent addition to the team but has grown up with the screen and digital printing world his whole life and is learning fast! He is ready to help bring customers' visions to reality and is the go to person on digital art and production applications.


Production Manager

Jr. has been with Dynamic for 9 years but has over 30 years in the printing industry and is one of our powerhouse workers who can answer just about any question in regards to anything print related. He is a veritable genius and runs the digital shop like a well oiled machine.

Jimmy hello.png

Inside Sales/Screen Production/Installation

Jimmy has been with Dynamic for almost 18 years, an expert in screen printing and our resident guru when it comes to installations. He is a cornerstone for our production team.